9 January 2024

Kia showcases electric light vans range

Kia used the Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to preview a range of future light electric vans, writes Brian Byrne.

With CES becoming a very automotive-heavy showcase over recent years, the Korean carmaker unveiled five LCV concepts to be built on what the company calls the Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) strategy. Kia is emphasising a range of customised vehicles for organisations and individuals with limited transportation options. 

For example, behind a fixed cab, or ‘driver zone’, a variety of interchangeable upper bodies can be connected to the base vehicle via a hybrid electromagnetic and mechanical coupling technology, potentially turning the PBV into a taxi during the day, to a delivery van at night, and a personal recreational vehicle on weekends.

One of the models, the PV5, is slated to go into production next year.