27 March 2024

Ford Explorer completes 30,000km globe circumnavigation

The price of the new Ford Explorer electric car will be from €42,120 in Ireland, writes Brian Byrne. Some 1,600 potential customers have signed up to Ford Ireland for continuing updates on the vehicle.

The price and specification for Ireland was announced at the finish of a record-breaking 30,000km drive around the world in a pre-production version by American adventurer Lexie Alford, pictured above at the finish line in Nice, France. The journey crossed six continents and drove through 27 countries on electric power alone. With power outages in Africa, a lack of charging infrastructure in the Atacama desert of Chile, unmade roads, mountain passes and freezing conditions, the achievement proved just what is possible in an electric vehicle.

Explorer is being introduced with a single motor rear-wheel drive in extended range form with a rated range of up to 602km. A single motor RWD powertrain with a standard-range battery will be available at a later date.