6 March 2024

Volvo to introduce 'Accident Ahead' warning system in some markets

A new safety feature is being rolled out by Volvo which can warn of a crash or a breakdown ahead, writes Brian Byrne. It will initially be available in Denmark before being extended to other European markets.

Called Accident Ahead Alert, the system anonymously shares real-time data gathered by local traffic management centres, using cloud technology for connectivity.

Where it works, drivers will get a warning about a stopped vehicle ahead. In compatible models and markets, Volvo cars can already warn each other of slippery road conditions and other hazards, as experienced by traffic ahead.

Mercedes-Benz has similar technology in some models and markets, able to issue warnings about a range of hazards and incidents, and other carmakers are also working on their own systems.

The technology may become mandatory for all new cars in the future.