10 May 2024

HVO pumps now at six Certa forecourts

Certa has launched HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) pumps at three more of its forecourts bringing the total of HVO-ready Certa outlets to six, writes Trish Whelan. These are located in Maynooth in Kildare, Dundrum in Dublin, and Ballyhaunis in Mayo. They join the existing three in Liffey Valley in Dublin, Lee Tunnel in Cork, and Trim in Meath. 

HVO is a new second generation, low-carbon biofuel that serves as a direct replacement for regular diesel for fleet, plant and machinery equipment in addition to passenger cars. It can also be mixed with diesel in any ratio. Certa say the performance of diesel engines using HVO is almost the same to when they are fuelled with diesel, and there’s no need for vehicle or engine modifications. HVO is identified at fuel pumps through the use of a pink nozzle. 

Diesel has bounced back this year with 1 in 4 cars sold here now a diesel. Well over half of Skoda’s sales have been diesel-powered this year which is a 30pc increase on last year. It means Skoda is the biggest supplier of diesel cars in the Irish market. 

HVO is produced using waste plant-matter and hydrogen and can result in a 90pc net reduction in C02 emissions. Owners of non-Skoda vehicles are advised to confirm with their manufacturer or dealer concerning HVO compatibility prior to use of the fuel.