28 June 2024

First new BMW 3 Series deliveries in Ireland in later summer

First customers in Ireland will get deliveries of the new BMW 3 Series during this summer, writes Brian Byrne. The price is €56,700 and BMW 3 Series Touring from €58,910 for the cars, which will begin production in July.

The new cars show an evolved body design that maintains the traditional look of the 3 Series, with strongly sculpted sheetmetal and a distinctive iteration of the brand's kidney-themed grille.

Petrol and plug-in hybrid engines offer power ranges between 184hp-374hp, with new batteries in the PHEV versions providing electric ranges between 83-101km.

The interior features the latest BMW integrated dual screens for driving information and infotainment, managed through the 8.5 operating system software and choices of the iDrive console controller and intuitive and simplified steering wheel controls.