10 July 2024

Ford bringing back the Capri nameplate

Ford is reviving an iconic European nameplate from the 1970s and 1980s as a new electric coupe SUV, writes Brian Byrne. The Capri brings back a legend in the brand's history that was built for 18 years from 1968 and sold 1.9 million units over that time.

There will be two version at launch, a rear wheel drive 286hp and an AWD with 340hp on tap. The claimed range for each, which are long range versions, is up to 627km and 592km respectively, and sprint to 100km/h are 6.4s and 5.3s. A standard range version will be detailed later in the year.

Dimensionally, the new e-coupe is the same length as a Ford Kuga, a little smaller than the Mustang Mach-E, and significantly larger and taller than the original Capri series (not to be confused with the earlier Consul Classic 315 Capri coupe of the early 1960s). 

No firm Irish arrival has been given yet, but there's an expectation for early 2025.