1 April 2012

A self-cleaning Subaru?

Subaru is about to take the automotive world by storm with the launch of the world's first self-cleaning car, with patented AF Technology.

Subaru's engineers have developed the radical new technology in conjunction with some of the world's leading electrical engineers. To clean the car in an instant, the driver simply has to press a button on the key fob while outside the vehcile, without any danger of getting wet or dousing the neighbours' pets.

The guy who led the team, Professor Ai Lai, said "Nanogenerators convert mechanical energy available in the environment into electrical energy, activating safe low-voltage electric currents on the car's outer body surface; these currents flow in precise, overlapping patterns to disturb and dissolve micro-attachments on the car's metalwork, such as dirt and dust."

AF self-cleaning becomes available in the UK on Sunday 1st April. How about over here guys?

Ohhhhhh. What's the guy's name again? And the date?