30 September 2013

Fuel taxes 'simply too high' — AA Ireland

As the prices of petrol and road diesel once again rose in September, AA Ireland says these costs are still unacceptably high, writes Brian Byrne.

The motorists' organisation says most of our fuel cost problems are 'self-inflicted', with too much tax in the pump price.

There have been five separate tax increases on petrol and diesel since 2008, AA Ireland notes, with taxes responsible for 57 percent of the retail cost of petrol and 51 percent of diesel.

High fuel costs add to the cost of living, take disposable income out of the economy and add significantly to the high cost of doing business in Ireland, according to the organisation which was formed to defend motoring issues, adding that it's now the right time to ease the burden and provide a stimulus to the economy in the forthcoming Budget.

The organisation notes that a typical monthly fuel cost for motorists today is almost €242, compared to just €207 before the 'emergency' Budget of 2008.