9 October 2013

AlloyGators help protect alloy wheels

Pothole damage, or risk of pothole damage is the number one reason motorists in the UK are heading to their local workshop and getting a set of AlloyGators fitted to their vehicle, writes Trish Whelan.

The claim is made in a survey undertaken by AlloyGator who manufacturer this alloy wheel protection system.

Rather than stumping up for expensive alloy wheel repairs, many motorists across the water are instead choosing to protect their alloys.

The product may soon be available here in Ireland as the company are currently in discussion with a potential Irish supplier, but in the meantime, motorists here can purchase the product via the AlloyGator website, www.alloygator.co.uk. Cost in the UK is around £59.95 to purchase a set for DIY fitting. Extra to have them fitted.

This is a patented alloy wheel protection system designed and manufactured in the UK which, the company say, gives 'unrivalled protection to the alloy wheel and tyre against scuffs, scratches and other wheel damage'. It is made of super tough nylon giving superior protection in all conditions and is available in one universal size to suit up to 21-inch Alloys. The AlloyGator sits between the alloy wheel and the tyre, protecting it and enhancing its appearance, and in some cases covering existing damage.

Even smaller innocuous looking potholes can cause serious and costly damage like ruined tyres, broken suspension components, failed parts in the steering system and damaged alloy wheels and wheel trims.

It is available in nine different colours, black for discreet protection, silver that make the rims/wheels look larger; and a range of other colours to complement the colour of the car.

To see the AlloyGator product in action visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ITp2f0nNis