23 October 2013

C4 Cactus will have 'Airbumps' and sofa seat

Citroen's C4 Cactus will have protective body cladding and sofa-style front seating when it goes on sale mid next year.

Cactus will be the first car in Citroen's new C-Line range, which positions the brand's mainstream cars as affordable vehicles with the emphasis on practicality, fuel efficiency and low ownership costs.

The protective Airbumps appeared on the doors of the Cactus concept we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month along with the sofa-like front seating which the French carmaker believes will create a feeling of comfort.

The Airbumps have air capsules inside and are designed to resist scratches and reduce damage caused by small impacts, such as a shopping trolley hitting the door in a supermarket parking lot. They will save owners the cost of expensive bodywork repairs. The material used is very resistant and durable, similar to what you'd find in the sold of a Nike Air shoe.

Owners will also be choose from black and white or multicolour variations of the Airbumps.

The next C1 minicar, C3 subcompact and C5 large saloon will follow the C4 Cactus styling.