16 October 2013

Ford boss regrets no 'Swappage' measure in Budget

Eddie Murphy
In a post Budget statement, Eddie Murphy, Chairman and Managing Director Ford Ireland said "The Budget was really a non-event for motorists. OK, no increases in motoring taxes which have already been ratcheted up to unsustainable levels in the last number of budgets. But the lack of a 'swappage' measure that had been suggested by the SIMI is a real lost opportunity given the solid business case of the idea."

Mr Murphy said 'swappage' is a win-win for the country and for the motor industry and it would have helped to secure the jobs of the 36,800 employees working in this sector and could even have lead to a significant increase in that number.

He said it is a fact of life in Ireland that the vast majority of people, whether employed or not, can not live without a car and that situation is not going to change any time soon.