16 October 2013

Over insuring can be costly - AA

More than a quarter of motorists regularly drive a second car according to an AA Motor Insurance survey of over 17,300 people, writes Trish Whelan.

Men are more likely to drive a second car than women, as almost a third of male motorists regularly drive a second vehicle, compared to 17 percent of women. With this in mind, the AA is advising motorists to make sure they're not over-insured.

On families with young children, they say one parent may drop the kids off at school or eche Monday to Friday, and when the other parent takes over the kiddy-driving duties at the weekend, there's an issue with child car seats. It's common grandparents, fellow parents or neighbours to share the taxi duties. Rather than to have to move the seats from one car to another, it's easier to just swop cars.

The survey also found many drivers in the commuter counties around Dublin regularly drive a second car.

AA research in January found that almost 58 percent of motorists had struggled to pay for motor fuel, car tax, NCT or motor insurance last year. The AA say you may be adding an unnecessary cost to your bills. "If you're with the AA, you can jump from car to car as your insurance will give you fully comprehensive cover to drive other peoples' cars. This means you won't need to take out separate insurance cover for both vehicles."