22 October 2013

Honda expects to sell 300 CR-V 1.6s

Honda dealers are reporting big customer interest in the CR-V 1.6 diesel prior to its going on sale in dealerships nationwide this weekend, writes Trish Whelan.

According to Universal Honda's MD Adrian Cole, not only have they put in the new, lighter engine (the lightest engine of its type in the world), but by taking out the components relating to 4WD, have made the car far lighter' than the 4WD version.

He anticipates sales of around 300 CR-Vs with the 1.6 engine in a whole year.

"We expect 2.2-litre sales to fall away with the arrival of this new 1.6 engine, with around 75 percent of the segment now 2WD."

The price difference from the 2WD to the 4WD automatic is €7,200. For now, automatic transmission is only available with the higher powered engine but Honda are planning to introduce a range of automatics for 2015/16. A Civic Tourer is due in March of next year.

The CR-V is the latest model to benefit from Honda's 'Earth Dreams Technology' series of advanced engines with the new 1.6 diesel engine. It was first introduced in the New Honda Civic.

The CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC in ES Sport that I drove at launch yesterday was the top specification and priced at €37,495 and in Tax Band B1 of €270 in annual road tax. On a short run, in atrocious weather conditions, it proved a really good, satisfying drive. I'm looking forward to spending a longer time with the car shortly.