8 April 2014

Elio makes an all-American pitch

We decided to bring you a look at this one because you're not likely to see it any time soon on this side of the big pond, writes Brian Byrne.

It's the Elio, a prototype from an all-American company based in Phoenix, Arizona, and the developers hope to bring it to market there next year.

They're plugging two key special points — small but complete, and cheap to buy and run.

It's a single seater. Elio Motors is aiming it at students, or as a local runabout for the family which already has a big car or two. Power will be from a 3-pot gasoline engine, with 101mpg or 2.8L/100km economy.

The projected $6,800 price point is attractive. Enough, though? Well, our own experience of the US shows there's more interest in small cars than there used to be. But they might jib at the lack of a fourth wheel ...