15 April 2014

New engines previewed by Toyota

A new generation of engines from Toyota is expected to offer fuel economy gains of up to 15 percent over the brand's current motors, writes Brian Byrne.

Using ultra-high compression ratios, improved intake systems, and incorporating the Atkinson Cycle system currently used in Toyota hybrid engines, the Japanese maker hopes to get 'a half step' ahead of its competitors in non-hybrids.

The new generation of technologies will spawn 14 new engines across the company's models by 2015. The first ones detailed are a 3-cylinder 1.0 and a 4-cylinder 1.3.

The Atkinson Cycle operates the intake valves differently, offering improved efficiency but with a reduction in power. In a hybrid that doesn't matter because the electric side of the engine package makes up for it, but Toyota say they have now successfully addressed the issue in the new petrol engines.