30 May 2014

Yeti Xtreme goes hunting

Yes, you might like to have it, writes Brian Byrne. Nope, you can't. At least not as shown at the VW Group's annual Wörthersee showcase. But this is how Skoda engineers dream.

The Yeti Xtreme is a rally concept of the compact SUV from the Czech Republic brand owned by Volkswagen. Aimed at triggering testosteronic emotions, it revealed in a matt grey and green and yellow accents. Large off-road tyres on 17-inch alloys, as well as steroided bumpers, wings and door sills.

Interior rally-style includes Recaro sports seats with integrated harness, carbon-fibre door trims and aluminium floor panels. A belt cutter and fire extinguisher suggest inherent dangers in how this concept might be operated to its virtual extreme capability.

Blood-pumpin' dreams, guys.