6 January 2015

Carmakers show future tech in Las Vegas

An enhancement to its OnStar connectivity service in the US will enable some owners of GM vehicles to receive information about the likelihood of failure of components, well in advance of performance being affected, writes Brian Byrne.

The system is being previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas in the US, and will be available soon on a number of the company's vehicles on sale. It will use a variety of sensors, many of them already in cars, to monitor different components remotely, and if an algorithm determines an incipient problem, the information will be sent by text or other means to the car's owner.

At the same show, Volkswagen is using a concept version of its Golf R to showcase the next generation of user interface. It goes beyond touchscreens and voice control, and will use gesture recognition to accept commands waved by the driver. VW already as a gesture feature on one of the Golf infotainment systems which shows virtual buttons when the driver waves in front of it.

(Looks like waving to a friend as you drive past him might become an issue?)