25 February 2015

New Jazz to up Honda's game

With an all-new Jazz coming to the RHD markets in Europe this summer, Honda is set to up its game in the very competitive supermini arena, writes Brian Byrne.

A completely fresh exterior and more refined cabin treatment will set the car off both from its predecessor generations and the competition.

A new 1.3 petrol engine will deliver 102hp, and the previous 5-speed manual gearbox will be replaced by a 6-speed one. A CVT automatic will also be available.

The style theme of previous Jazz versions is being retained, but the new car is longer, and a longer wheelbase enhances the passenger space.

The new Jazz will also have the same flexible seating as the previous cars, but will come with a range o new safety and connectivity technologies.

The new Jazz is lighter, but stronger than before, and the company says that new suspension design gives more stable and composed handling.