24 March 2015

AIG launches new App rewarding safe driving

AIG Insurance has launched an app that rewards safe drivers by reducing their car insurance premiums.

Customers get an upfront 30 percent discount off their car insurance premium for taking the app which AIG say is easy and simple to use. The XLNT driver app then monitors the users' driving habits and gives additional discounts based on the driving results. This helps them to become a safer driver.

Drivers who continue to use the app over a period of three months and indicate a high standard of driving, calculated by the app, can avail of a further reduction on their car insurance premium, as well as special offers throughout the year.

The app is designed to help a driver to avoid bad habits such as harsh braking, excessive speed, distractions like phone calls and driving long distances without breaks. It works by monitoring driver behaviour. It also offers the driver real time information on their driving, gives them a score for each completed journey and allows them to track their progress towards additional discounts and receive offers from AIG.

It is simple to install and registration is straight forward. The app features unique automatic stop/start technology. The app automatically turns on and off itself and won't interfere with your phone while on the move.

Dublin stars Ciaran Kilkenny, Cian O'Callaghan and Sarah McCaffrey were joined by Tipperary hurler Cathal Barrett for today's announcement. More details on AIG's website.