2 November 2016

Car sales slow, industry 'watches closely'

As the Irish motor trade enters the year's 'dead zone' of sales, total registrations of passenger cars are up by 18pc on last year, writes Brian Byrne.

Relatively few cars are sold in November and December, so the 145,433 units registered to date suggest that initial predictions for the year's outturn may not be achieved.

The rate of growth in the 162 period to date is just 7pc compared to the same period in 2015, and results published yesterday by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry show a net decrease of 12pc this October compared to last October.

"Whether this has been influenced by the Brexit situation or just a slowing of retail activity in the Irish economy, after a sustained period of growth, is not yet clear," says SIMI Director General Alan Nolan, "but this is something that the industry will be continuing to watch closely.”

Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) registrations (27,347) are up 4,373 units or +19pc Year to Date, while registrations in the month of October (1,181) have seen a decrease of 23 units or -2pc in comparison to the same month last year (1,204).