1 November 2016

New ski courses at Verbier

This season the Verbier slopes will feature two new courses designed to keep adventure-lovers of all ages entertained.

A hybrid of a snowpark and bordercross course, the Audi Quattro Funslope will feature 20 different elements for snow enthusiasts to get to grips with. From a 10m long ‘snail’ and a 15-high berm to a tunnel, jumps and banks, freestylers are set to welcome the new park, located on the Savoleyres slopes at 2,226m.

Capitalising on the rising popularity of snowtubing, Verbier visitors will also be able to enjoy the newest addition to its winter sports range this season as a new run opens at Les Esserts.

Seated inside a giant rubber tyre, those looking for a gentler downhill thrill will set off down the especially prepared piste which resembles a bobsleigh track before taking a well-deserved break from their adrenaline pursuits at the nearby Les Esserts restaurant.

Located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais, Verbier is recognised as one of the premiere 'off-piste' resorts in the world.