16 August 2017

Chery coming to Europe

This is a pre-production version of a new Chinese SUV that is slated to go on sale in Europe in the next couple of years, writes Brian Byrne.

Its model name will be revealed next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show by Chery Automobile Company, which says it plans to sell a range of hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles.

Chery is the most successful exporter of vehicles in China. It has sold over 1.2m units overseas since it was founded — more than any other Chinese carmaker — and it is also the first Chinese manufacturer to pass total sales of more than 6m vehicles.

In 2016, Chery Group sold over 700,000 units, a year-on-year rise of 28pc. Of this number, approximately 100,000 vehicles were exported — representing almost 30pc of all Chinese vehicle exports.