20 October 2017

Take the Liberty route in bad weather

Take care when driving as we head into the winter season, writes Trish Whelan. We've already had a taste of what may be to come with Ophelia, Brian, and last week's heavy rain.

The way for motorists to deal with it is basically  to use common sense. Which is what Liberty Insurance offers in its check-list for motorists on winter driving.

1. Be sure to stay up to date on minute by minute weather and traffic reports – that way you’ll anticipate and avoid dangerous roadways.

2. Strong winds may affect control of your vehicle, particularly high-sided vehicles and motorcyclists so allow extra space on the road. Make sure there is plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This should be a minimum of four seconds in heavy rain.

3. Anticipate gusts. Take special care when driving through areas prone to strong winds or when weather reports predict severe weather.

4. Watch out for loose objects and fallen branches that may have been blown on to the road.

5. Use your demister to keep your windscreen clear.

6. Use dipped headlights at all times when driving.

7. Stock a Winter Emergency Kit. In the event that you do have to pull over during the storm or find yourself with a broken-down vehicle, be prepared with a winter emergency kit. Recommended items include: a flashlight and batteries, hand-warmers, blankets, drinking water, shovel and ice scraper, jumper cables, and standalone emergency lights or flares.

8. Finally, don’t panic! Home insurance and motor insurance policies apply as normal in a storm. Insurance cover is not impacted by the weather conditions.

Liberty Insurance customers can call them on 1850 858 530 to notify of a claim. Their Home Emergency and Breakdown Assistance Teams are also available to their customers.

(Photo by Kaique Rocha.)