11 May 2018

Self-driving cars 'a good idea' but may not be trusted

A Ford Fusion with autonomous technology on test.
Four in ten Irish motorists believe that self-driving cars are a 'good idea', but a similar number said they 'wouldn't trust' them, writes Brian Byrne.

And a similar proportion again, 42pc, said they believed autonomous cars would lead to less deaths and injuries on the road.

More than half said they's use their phones, or read, or watch TV while their cars are in control.

All that is from a Road Safety Authority-commissioned survey, presented at the RSA's recent International Conference.

Liz O’Donnell, Chairperson RSA, said that connected and automated vehicle technologies have the potential to make a major positive impact on road safety. "The transition period to self-driving vehicles needs to be carefully planned and managed in this country as this is likely to be the most challenging part of adopting this technology in Ireland," she added. "It is critical that Ireland has the right national regulatory framework in place to ensure the safe roll out of these ‘self-driving’ vehicles across the nation."

The survey indicated that 73pc of Irish adults are aware of the concept of ‘self-driving’ cars, rising to 82pc of ABC1s.