28 June 2018

New Berlingo Van ‘ideal partner for professionals’

The third generation Citroen Berlingo light commercial vehicle, dedicated to professionals, is set for launch at the end of this year, writes Trish Whelan.

Now called Berlingo Van, it is available to order.

This newcomer makes a generational leap in terms of styling and equipment and gains new features for extra comfort and modularity.

It marks the renewal of a best-selling LCV. 

Designed for all uses, and adapted to all professions, the new model comes in two sizes, M and XL. 

Citroen say it is efficient with its large load volume, easy access and numerous cabin configurations including the Extenso Cab or the Crew Cab. 

Citroen Berlingo Van is built on a new platform for better handling, more comfort and more security. It comes equipped with 20 driver assistance systems and four connectivity technologies together with latest-generation engines including the new BlueHDi 1.5 diesel, the PureTech 1.2 petrol and the EAT8 automatic gearbox. 

Citroen achieved 9.7 per cent market share in the commercial vehicle market in 2017 in Europe with almost 73,000 units sold. 

Since launch, Berlingo has been produced in over 1.5 million unis worldwide, over 1.3 million of which are in Europe and over 470,000 in France.