13 September 2018

European Parliament voting on key future transport report

Photo: GM.
Members of the European Parliament are voting today on the adoption of a report which considers the impact of coming changes in the automotive, transport and mobility sectors in Europe, writes Brian Byrne.

Europe on the Move: an agenda for the future of mobility in the EU has been produced by the Committee on Transport and Tourism within the Parliament, and details inter alia with the impact on skills and jobs in the industries from digitisation, automation, and the eventual provision of driverless cars.

The report calls for more funding for cross-sector research and development in these areas, including funds to develop systems, services, and digital solutions for future transportation.

Infrastructural needs such as more electrification of railways, network and traffic management, and sustainability issues are also addressed, as are the implications for skills mismatch as technology changes shift the way transport-related industry operates.