16 October 2018

Ford demonstrates connected vehicles intersection management

Ford has been demonstrating a connected vehicles technology that automatically suggests a speed at which cars approaching an intersection from different angles can all travel through without stopping, writes Brian Byrne.

Called Intersection Priority Management, it was used this week in Milton Keynes, UK, as part of the British Government Autodrive Programme.

The cars connect with each other and coordinate speeds so none of them have to stop at the junctions they are coming to.

The test cars had drivers, but the developed technology will have important uses in autonomous cars.

Every year, the average driver spends the equivalent of two days waiting at traffic lights. And not only can junctions be frustrating — they are also the cause of up to 60pc of road traffic accidents. As well as saving time, avoiding stopping at junctions could also save fuel, as drivers avoid braking and accelerating away from the lights.