5 December 2018

Special edition of e-Golf on sale

An Executive Edition of the Volkswagen e-Golf has gone on sale in Ireland at a price of €39,495, writes Brian Byrne.

It adds addition features over the standard electric version of the Golf, including 17-inch ‘Madrid’ alloy wheels, LED tail lights, Full leather interior, Active Info Display, Rear View Camera, Keyless Entry, and Tinted Rear Windows.

Volkswagen Ireland says this features list represents €4,700 worth of equipment for €3,500 over standard e-Golf.

The range of this edition under the WLTP regime is rated at 217km, 13km less than the standard e-Golf because of the different wheels.

The e-Golf Executive Edition can avail of a range of incentives including 0pc Benefit in Kind, which is capped at €50,000 OMV and 100pc Accelerated Capital Allowance of up to €24,000. There is also the benefit of reduced toll fees, free public charging at the moment and, in the case of some local authorities, free parking when charging.