10 July 2019

JLR wants cars to improve your mood

So you think you have some privacy over your mood in the space of your own car? Jaguar-Land Rover figure they can change that, writes Brian Byrne.

The company is working on Artificial Intelligence based systems that will read your mood, and change the cabin ambience to lower stress levels.

Changes made could include switching to calmer ambient lighting colours, or selecting a music playlist to revive drivers in whom the system senses weariness.

Yawning or other signs of tiredness could have the cabin temperature lowered to compensate.

The technology uses a driver-facing camera and biometric sensing to monitor and evaluate the driver’s mood.

The company says the technology is part of its 'tranquil sanctuary' vision for future safer driving.

The need for this is said to be based on research that suggests three in four drivers experience stress on a daily basis.