24 March 2020

Keeping your car clear of Covid-19

Skoda has issued this infographic showing the parts of your car you should disinfect regularly, writes Brian Byrne.

Disinfection should be done before and after you use the car, especially if you share the car with another, or you gave someone a lift.

It's best NOT to give people a lift, travel alone where possible. If you have to carry other people, try and wear a face-mask to help stop any spread of infection from yourself.

There are exterior places on a car that also need regular attention.

If you're using different types of disinfectant, don't use hydrogen peroxide on a car's surfaces, as they will most likely be damaged.

Carry some kind of hand sanitiser when you're travelling in your car, as well as a few rubber gloves. Because when you need to fill up, a glove is useful when handling the hose, and afterwards wash your hands where possible.

Pay by contactless means where possible.