21 July 2021

Aston Martin Valhalla to get Merc engine

Just in case you thought the motor industry is going all soft and green-blooded, here's the latest look at an upcoming supercar from Aston Martin, writes Brian Byrne. The Valhalla, on right above with stablemate Valkyrie behind, which will be powered by a Mercedes-Benz 4.0 V8, aided by a pair of electric motors.

Output will be 937hp, and the car will also be able to travel up to 15km in electric only more.

The car was shown in concept form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show but shortly afterwards the company hit a financial roadblock, and subsequently Mercedes-Benz increased its stake to 20pc and switched the planned Aston V6 out of the Valhalla in favour of the V8 used in most of the British brand's other cars.