21 July 2021

'Do simple car safety checks more often' — Continental

Reminders to those driving off for holidays in Ireland to make sure their car is safe are being issued by Continental Tyres Ireland, writes Brian Byrne. These are prompted by revelations that more than a quarter of such drivers surveyed said they weren't performing any safety checks before heading away.

These are as simple as as checking the state of the tyres, oil and coolant levels, windscreen wipers, and functioning of lights. Less than half of these motorists do carry out such regular checks, though the periods can range between one and three months.

That's not good enough, warns Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland. “We would advise motorists to get into the habit of carrying out these basic safety checks every couple of weeks. And for motorists who are intending to head off on a staycation, they really need to ensure their car is in a good roadworthy state, especially since many of us have had the car parked up for long periods during the lockdown earlier this year.

"It only takes five minutes to carry out these checks and if anything needs mending, our advice is to get it sorted before you hit the road”.