6 October 2021

Give your car a winter once-over

Motorists are being asked to give their cars a thorough check-over in advance of winter, writes Brian Byrne.

In a Road Safety Week 2021 message, the Automobile Association has listed tyre checks, battery condition, and under-bonnet vital fluid top-ups where found necessary. Inspection of the spare wheel if there is one, and of the tools used to change a wheel is also advised, as well as getting familiar with puncture sealant kits. Wipers and lights are all going to be used more in the darker and wetter days, so they should be checked, and blades and bulbs replaced as necessary.

The AA also warns that rodents often find cars are useful nesting places for the winter, so don't leave out pet food near your car and look in engine compartments for any signs.

Finally, do keep your tyre pressures right ... this saves fuel, tyre wear, and in an emergency perhaps your life or someone else's.