18 October 2013

Small SUVs surging across Europe

Small SUVs like Opel's Mokka (above) and Peugeot's 2008 are responsible for a total 38 percent growth in the SUV segment across Europe in year to date, writes Brian Byrne.

It's a sub-segment that's going to become more crowded in the coming year with the planned arrivan of Fiat's 500X, VW's Taigan, and possibly a Kia car based on the Niro Concept shown at Frankfurt.

Hyundai is also planning a small SUV, while both Honda and Mazda are also going to get into the small crossover contest.

Nissan's Juke has been front runner in the last couple of years, but analysts are suggesting that Peugeot, VW, Dacia and Renault vehicles will pass it out next year.