2 April 2014

Car sales 'could pass 100,000'

Ford Transit
Sales of Commercial Vehicles increased by 43 percent for Q1 of this year, and with sales of 1,831 units for March, they increased by 45 percent compared to March 2013.

With sales of 414 units in March and 1,429 units for Q1, Ford again leads the commercial vehicle market - as they have done for 24 of the past 25 years - and the company says that resurgent commercial vehicles sales point to Ireland's continued economic recovery.

Ford Ireland Chairman and Managing Director Eddie Murphy says it's heartening to see the continued increase in car sales that has produced a first quarter tally of almost 50,000 cars. He says if the trend continues 'we are sure to hit, and even pass, the 100,000 sales figures for 2014'.

"However, it's the growth in new commercial sales that is the greatest cause for optimism - if small and medium-sized businesses are investing in vans, they must be confident of growth in their businesses and that augurs well for Ireland Inc."

In the car market, Ford's Focus and Fiesta are in the top 5 best-sellers for March and the first quarter of this year.