2 February 2017

End of big-engined Holden is nigh

I took a spin in one of the last big-engined Holden Commodores the other day, the SSV, writes Brian Byrne.

With the imminent closure of the GM-owned brand's Australian manufacturing operations in October, this is the last of the rear-drive power saloons for which Holden is famous.

The Commodore name will continue, but as a FWD European built version of the next Opel Insignia. And it won't have the 6.2 V8 with 583ph that the car I drove has.

Super fast, super noise, and a pussycat in traffic, the Commodore SSV has only been sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Ford closed its Australian manufacturing operation last year, and Toyota has just announced its closure of the Adelaide plant it owns, next October, marking the complete end of the Australian car industry.

The picture above is a special edition of the most powerful Commodore to be built before the Holden plant closes. With 636hp on tap, it's the GTSR W1, of which just 300 units will be built because of the number of engines that will be available to Holden tuner HSV.

And they have all been sold already …