4 January 2018

Nissan is thinking brain commands to vehicles

Does it bear thinking about? Nissan is working on a system that operates your car from your thoughts, writes Brian Byrne.

Science fiction stuff? Yeah, well they said that about early 'Star Trek' communicators too, and we got iPhones and iPads nevertheless. And further back, comic hero Dick Tracy had a smart wristwatch to communicate (Apple Watch, anyone?).

So, don't write Nissan's work off ...

The Brain-to-Vehicle thought stuff is shorthanded to B2V, and is primarily being developed to assess the autonomous car occupant's mood and drive accordingly. But it could also be used in manual cars, Nissan thinks, by anticipating a mental decision to turn the steering wheel and completing the task as soon as it is started.

The driver will have to wear a headband that measures brain activity. But are we thinking too far head to a day when you'll get a finy brain implant as soon as you're given a driving licence?

Oh, I forgot, with autonomous cars we won't need a driving licence anymore, right?