13 May 2019

Nextbase launches new dash cam technology to Ireland

Rear angle view

Dash Cam manufacturer Nextbase is launching five new models to motorists in the Irish market, writes Trish Whelan.

Its ‘Series 2’ range is comprised of five new products and three modular, plug-in cameras that can record the rear or vehicle cabin. Ease of use remains a mainstay across the new 122,222,322GW, 422GW and 522GW, but each has an array of innovative new features.

These high-end models come with potentially lifesaving technology that can alert the emergency services to a vehicle’s exact location if a serious collision is detected and the driver is unresponsive. Once an incident is detected, the system will follow a series of failsafe protocols to ensure there are no false callouts before ringing the owner’s phone. If the driver remains unresponsive, the emergency services will be alerted, and the vehicle’s GPS position upload. Nextbase’s Emergency SOS system can be pre-loaded with medical history, such as blood type, and next of kin. 

At the top end of the range, ‘Series 2’ includes Ireland’s first Dash Cams with Amazon Alexa built-in, making driving safer through simple voice commands. The Nextbase Module System enables you to plug in an extra Nextbase camera module to enhance your Dash Cam range. The Rear-View camera module will record through the rear window to 40 metres beyond the rear of the car from inside the cabin to capture tailgaters or rear impacts. Or you can choose the Cabin View Module to record your car’s interior. 

A Parking Mode is also now included in every model helping owners to keep their cars safe even when unoccupied. Nextbase has introduced Bluetooth into its cameras from the mid-range 322GW upwards. The Autosync feature uses Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi technology to automatically send video files to the owner’s smartphone. 

Prices are from €59,99-€189.99. All modular, plug-in cameras are priced at €59.99. These devices will be available at Harvey Norman, DID Electrical, Power City, Expert Ireland and Euronics Ireland stores along with other leading retailers.