14 May 2019

Opel Grandland X Hybrid 4 here later this year

Opel will launch the new all-wheel drive PHEV version of the Grandland X, the new Grandland X Hybrid4 PHEV model here later this year, writes Trish Whelan. 

It will feature state of the art hybrid technology including a 1.6 200hp turbo-charged petrol engine paired with two 109hp electric motors, AWD and 1.3kWh lithium ion battery for a system output of up to 300hp.

Charging time will depend on the type of charger in use. It can be charged from a domestic plug socket at home. 

Opel will offer devices for fast charging at public stations and wallboxes at home; the battery charges fully in around one hour and 50 minutes with a 7.4kW wallbox. Regenerative braking converts deceleration to electrical energy.

The new Grandland X Hybrid4 version will top the German brand’s SUV family range.

Four driving modes: Fully electric, hybrid, AWD and Sport.

Preliminary WLTP/NEDC fuel consumption is 2.2 L/100kms with 49g/km C02.

First deliveries to customers are expected in early 2020. 

This model will contribute to the electrification of the German brand’s entire product portfolio by 2024. It is also part of the carmaker’s strategy for meeting future C02 targets. Another step in the process, which also includes highly efficient internal combustion engines, will be the introduction of the fully battery electric version of the next-generation Opel Corsa that goes on sale later this year.