11 May 2020

'Tis the season to be ... washing your car more often

With many more cars parked up in the lockdown situation over recent weeks, Ford Ireland is advising owners to wash their cars more often because it is also the heaviest part of the year for bird droppings, writes Brian Byrne.

The acidity in the droppings can leave impressions in the paintwork if not dealt with fairly quickly, even though all carmakers use paint carefully tested to handle all sorts of harsh attacks.

Apart from the birds, which are more active and droppy during this nesting and feeding young time of the year, paintwork can be affected by the UV light of more sun, pollens, and sticky tree sap.

Ford says among its tests is the application of artificial bird droppings, developed to replicate the results of differing diets amongst birdlife of Europe.

The advice is to regularly wash your vehicle with a sponge and lukewarm water containing neutral pH shampoo, and gently remove harmless looking substances from the paintwork immediately. Waxing painted surfaces once or twice a year helps ensure new paint finishes can better resist harshest attacks, while staying shiny for longer.