18 November 2020

Mini's Vision Urbanaut could be better home from home

Here's an imaginary view of a future variant on the BMW Mini, with the name Vision Urbanaut, writes Brian Byrne. The company says its designers worked 'from the inside out' to create a space where -- in effusive designer language -- 'the car becomes a kind of retreat, a haven where you can relax ... or work with full concentration ... during a journey'.

Well, astronauts and cosmonauts were once in the realm of science fiction too, so there's no reason to dismiss the ideas. Developed digitally, the concept includes, of course, some automated driving, electric motor, one sliding door for all ins and outs, and a four-seat format that allows for lounge as well as transportation use. There's much hype and hope in the blurb accompanying the release, and an impression that the car can be a true home from home, maybe even better than home.

Not sure about the raisable windscreen, though ... albeit this is apparently about allowing the occupants to 'mingle' with the wider community. Maybe for drive-in concerts in a post-Covid world that has become used to such things? Anyhow, it looks good.