10 February 2021

Driving in bad weather? Be prepared

Whether we get the levels of snow and ice forecast, it's still a potentially dangerous time for driving, writes Brian Byrne. SEAT in Ireland has issued a reminder to all drivers about basic safety tips which anyone can make a habit, and should do.

They include making sure your tyres are safe, with tread that's more that the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Check pressures, and for any cuts that could mean a blowout.

Visibility is important when driving at any time, but be sure to remove any snow and ice BEFORE you drive off, including snow that might be gathered on the roof. If you're driving in fog, SLOW DOWN and keep your distance from other cars. Also switch off foglights when you're in the clear again.

Make sure you have enough fuel before starting a journey, and pack emergency supplies of torch, water, a bar of chocolate, warm clothing including boots in case you have to walk through snow.

Generally, just have a think before starting a journey in poor conditions, is the trip necessary? If it is, be prepared.